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Back to being the new kid again

This week I've felt like I'm back at school, straight after the summer holidays. I kind of remember how to do things, I'm a little bit nervous and I have a lovely selection of new stationary. Yep, it's been my first week back as a founder.

Well, I say first week back. The first 3 days since officially registering FounderON Ltd were made up of 2 days holiday and a day with the kids (bloody inset days!). But I thought I would give a quick update on how the other 2 working days have gone.

As Amazon says, it's always Day One. At FounderOn Ltd, day one was spent at the world's largest play structure.

The first thing I can confirm is that I'm like a kid at Christmas. I'm excited, all the time, about really unexciting things. I'm going to bed excited to wake up. I remember this so well from when I started up Molzi. All of those tricky and mundane things you have to do at the start, like opening a bank account, VAT registration, creating creds decks etc. They're really boring things to do, but at the time the sweet power of adrenaline gives you a rush akin to sky diving.

I think my family are happy to see the back of moany, bored Chris. But I also think they'd forgotten how annoying excitable-about-everything Chris is.

An instant observation is that all the hard bits are still hard the second time around. I think I was naive to think I would have banks swooning over me to be part of my next venture. Nope. I'm still having to beg them to let me open a business account and try to explain to them how a guy writing a blog could one day make some money. Another observation is the motivation is definitely different second time around. I'm having a relatively regular internal battle around "well it doesn't really matter if it doesn't work". I'm actually much more confident in my business plan for FounderON than I was with Molzi, but still the fact that I don't really need it to work is allowing me to make excuses just in case it doesn't. I swear my brain wastes so much time thinking about stupid stuff like this that I'd be better off operating it at 5% capacity.

Anyway, one of the bits I'm finding strangest with this new venture is how different it is to Molzi, and in fact any place I've worked at before. I'm of the generation where the norm is still that you work for a company that makes something or does something, and the goal is to sell it to customers and clients. But as you may have figured out by now, the basis of FounderON's success is around creating content that helps people. Spending ages creating things to give away for free. And to help guide me on what I should be creating, I'm spending a lot of time reading other peoples content. So basically my days are spent reading and writing. Even though I have a business plan (of course, see here) that suggests that if I spend my time now creating content then all of the other pieces will fall into place down the line, I still find myself feeling like it's not a proper job (there's that stupid brain again).

Because I don't think it's a proper job, I find myself struggling to do it in front of other people. So for example, we have a gardener that comes every week (yes yes I've changed etc). Even though I'm fairly sure he never even looks through the windows into the house, I feel awkward sitting and reading my Kindle while he's at the house. Just in case he sees me and thinks how lazy I am that I'm just sat reading a book while he's making our garden look amazing. Same if my wife comes into the living room while I'm reading or writing a blog, my instinct is to quickly look like I'm reading a spreadsheet or something. Proper work as I would traditionally think. Weird aye?

While the northerner in me is slightly embarrassed to admit to having a gardener now, I think it's justified by the time it frees up for me to invent things like this halloween ghost accessory for a drone. Coming to Amazon soon, if it ever passes health & safety...

I'm sure I'll get my head around it eventually, but in the meantime I'm focusing my reading and writing time around when I'm in the house alone! And the rest of the time I can spend looking at important documents and complicated spreadsheets.

So that's my first week/2 days. Loving it. Hoping people don't get bored of my rambles. Excited all the time. And a bit embarrassed you now know we have a gardener.

Thanks as always for reading and supporting, see you next time!


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