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My blog covers the MANY highs and lows of starting, scaling and selling my business for 7-figures, in just 4 years. If you're an ambitious entrepreneur then add your email below to get a new episode delivered every Wednesday.

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A £100k hire is only £8,333 a month.

Hiring someone on a big salary can be daunting.

But a £100k salary is actually only £8,333 a month.

What if you didn't think of them as a person, but as a business unit.

Would you invest £8,333 a month to launch a new service offering?

Or open up in a new market?

You wouldn't need to sign many new clients to cover that £8,333 cost.

And then suddenly the expensive hire doesn't cost anything at all.

A magical thing can happen with expensive hires.

They don't need hand holding.

They bring solutions, not problems.

And they can sell as well as deliver.

So try thinking about that expensive hire, not as a person, but as a new revenue stream.


In my agency we scaled rapidly once we started bringing in senior, experienced hires.

Each hire made my life easier, not harder.

And in 9 out of 10 cases, they had paid for themselves within 6 months.

It's one of the modules in my upcoming SCALE digital course.

Check it out by clicking the banner below.


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