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Lets grow your business together.

I grew my agency to a team of 80 people in 4 years and sold it in a high 7-figure acquisition.

I've been there, done it, felt it, struggled with it and made it out the other side.

But I got there with the support of mentors and advisors that helped me learn from their mistakes and spot opportunities that I couldn't see.

Lets work together to help you grow your business now.

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1:1 Support.

Think of me like a co-founder that you don't need to give equity to!

Whether it's on a video call or a stroll in the woods, we'll tackle your biggest business challenges and opportunities together.


30 minute advice call.



Monthly mentoring


Book your free 30 minute call.

Max 1 per person (don't be cheeky!)

I don't mean a 30 minute get to know you call, or me trying to sell my services. This is a genuine offer of a 30 minute call to solve a specific business challenge. That might be for a business you already run, or could be one you're thinking of setting up.

Be sure to include as much detail as possible on the booking form so we can get the most value from the time.

Now, one tiny catch. The advice is free, but all I ask is for a £10 donation which goes to the Chance for Childhood charity. This is just to make sure you're commited to the call, and also helps to support an incredible charity.

Speak soon!

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Free Call

Monthly mentoring.

The job of a founder can be tough and lonely.

I've been there, done it, felt it, struggled with it and made it out the other side.

I started an Amazon marketing agency called Molzi in 2017. Over the next 4 years I grew it to a team of 80 people and sold it in 2021 in a high 7-figure acquisition.

Safe to say I did as many things wrong as I did right during that journey. I love working with founders to help them solve problems and hunt growth. And I hope that the mistakes I made can help you take a short-cut to your goals.

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£500 per month.

No fixed contract, cancel anytime.

What it is.

Think of me like a co-founder that you don't need to give equity to.

  • Helping you set goals and holding you accountable (you'll hate this, but it works!)

  • Sounding board for the big decisions

  • Working through work/life balance challenges

  • Ensuring you make decisions that suit you, not just your business

  • Talk through investor challenges

Who's it for.

Solo founders, or early stage co-founders that are looking for input from someone that's been through the journey and made it out again!

The details.

  • Initial 2 hour workshop to learn about you and set goals

  • 30 minute monthly video call to review progress

  • Slack or WhatsApp group to offer support in between catch ups


Click the button to book in a call to discuss further!

Monthly mentoring

I can only work with the most ambitious founders.

My goal isn't to build a team of people offering business growth advice. My days as an agency CEO are over. I'm sure you don't blame me!

So there's no risk of being palmed off onto a junior exec once we start working together.

But as a result, there's a limit to how many founders I can work with and still do a good job. I love business growth. I love finding opportunities and capitalising on them. So I'm looking to work with founders that share that ambition.

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