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Lets grow your business together.

I grew my agency to a team of 80 people in 4 years and sold it in a high 7-figure acquisition.

I've been there, done it, felt it, struggled with it and made it out the other side.

But I got there with the support of mentors and advisors that helped me learn from their mistakes and spot opportunities that I couldn't see.

Lets work together to help you grow your business now.

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Monthly mentoring.

I'm not sure whether I should call this mentoring, or coaching, or consulting.

Whatever you call it, my style of support is to get involved with ideas and solutions. Less about helping you come up with the ideas yourself, and more about getting involved in the discussions.

I learnt so much from running my own agency, and then even more from the hundreds of founders I've spoken to since.

Sharing those learnings just means you can take some short cuts and avoid some failures!

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£500 per month.

No fixed contract, cancel anytime.

What it is.

Working together to help solve problems and capitalise on opportunities in your business.

  • Helping set up inbound and outbound lead gen strategies that don't just involve sending out thousands of emails!

  • Create sales personas to really identify who you're targeting.

  • Optimise your service proposition to ensure it talks to these personas

  • Advise on how to handle current growing pains and avoid them in the future

  • Support with exit planning

  • Helping with forward looking forecasts, targets and holding you accountable to hit them!

  • Generally a sounding board for those big decisions

Who's it for.

Freelancers and agency founders that are looking to grow their business, or improve their quality of life!

The details.

  • Initial 2 hour workshop to drill into the details of your business, the good, the bad, and your long terms goals. This then turns into a series of short and long term goals that we work on together.

  • 30 minute monthly video call to review progress and keep up the pace.

  • Slack or WhatsApp group for quick questions throughout the month, such as feedback on a client proposal, or ideas on how to price things etc.

And the first call

Before kicking off we really need to make sure we're a good fit for each other.


Click the link below to book in a free 30 minute call and lets treat it as if it's our first session. It won't be a sales pitch. We'll only be able to really test if we're a good fit for each other if we start with a specific challenge that you're looking for support with.

Be sure to include as much detail as possible on the booking form so we can get the most value from the time.

And I will never try to sell or 'close' my services. I would be delighted to work with you, but only if you see value. So fear not, the call won't end with an awkward pitch.

Speak soon!

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I can only work with the most ambitious founders.

My goal isn't to build a team of people offering business growth advice. My days as an agency CEO are over. I'm sure you don't blame me!

So there's no risk of being palmed off onto a junior exec once we start working together.

But as a result, there's a limit to how many founders I can work with and still do a good job. I love business growth. I love finding opportunities and capitalising on them. So I'm looking to work with founders that share that ambition.

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