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Lets work together.

My weekly blog and weekly Linkedin newsletter will always be free, with the goal of helping as many people as possible to start, scale and sell their business.

But sometimes a challenge or opportunity needs some 1:1 time to figure out. I'm really excited to start working directly with some of the most ambitious founders to help them change their business and their life.

Check out the ways I can help below.


30 minute problem solving call - FREE*

*the advice is free, all I ask is for a £10 donation which goes to the Chance for Childhood charity. This ensures you're committed to the call, and also helps to support an incredible charity.


Only a few rules for the call...


  1. you're an existing founder or looking to make the leap to starting your own business.

  2. you have a specific challenge that you want help solving.

  3. we've not had a free call already :-)

Book a call here now!


The Ten Club - we want to invest in you!

Have you always wanted to start and run your own agency?

We’re looking to Find, Fund and Support 10 incredible future founders to launch and run their own highly successful marketing agencies.

For more details check out The Ten Club


Agency growth consulting - from £2,500/month

If you're running an agency and looking to push for the next phase of growth, or even an exit, we can help you get there.

You'll be working with two exited founders that have been there and done it, felt the pain and got through to the other side.

For more details check out Kitchimo.

James Hayward-Browne

"There is a lot of advice out there that is just fortune cookie nonsense for agency founders. Chris gives actual advice that isn't just waffle. He's been there and done it and throughout our journey so far has always been someone I've trusted."

Will Barnard
Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 11.16.58.png

"Off the back of Chris’s recommendations, we built out a new plan with broken down, manageable targets along the way. When, in honesty, we’d been looking too far ahead with no real plan how to get there.

Taking a step back and taking the time to speak to someone like Chris, with his experience and story, could not have been more useful at a pivotal juncture for our business."

Get in touch.

I'll be in touch soon!

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