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My blog covers the MANY highs and lows of starting, scaling and selling my business for 7-figures, in just 4 years. If you're an ambitious entrepreneur then add your email below to get a new episode delivered every Wednesday.

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Make your pricing not matter.

I'm guessing your costs have increased over the last 12 months.

But the question is, have your prices?

It's one of the most common challenges that business owners have.

The assumption tends to be that you need to sign bigger clients in order to get higher fees.

But the easiest way is to ensure you link your service to an existing income or cost that your client has.

If you can show that you can increase the income, or reduce the cost, then it almost doesn’t matter what you charge.


If you’re an employee wellbeing agency, you’re not providing wellbeing services (new cost), you’re reducing staff churn (reducing existing cost).


If you’re a conversion rate optimisation agency, you’re not building landing pages (new cost), you’re increasing impact of existing ad spend (increasing existing income).



Focus less on what you’ll do for the client, and more about what impact it’ll make.


Make your pricing not matter.




Getting pricing right is so vital to building a profitable business that I’ve dedicated a module to it in my upcoming GROW digital course.


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