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Make sure due diligence is a two-way exercise.

I genuinely had sleepless nights imagining how stressful due diligence would be.

I think it's probably the most feared aspect of selling your business.

Someone searching for skeletons, uncovering every tax payment and client contract.

But the assumption tends to be that due diligence is a one-way thing.

The buyer ensuring they're purchasing the right business.

But as the seller, this is also a huge decision that could cost you a fortune if you get it wrong.

Maybe the majority of the proceeds are dependent on future performance, or even shares in the acquiring business.

That's a huge amount of faith you're having to put in them to deliver.

As much as you want the deal to close and the money to hit your bank. Make sure you're doing your due diligence on your buyer too.

Do your earn out KPI's align with theirs?

Have they bought companies before that can give references?

Are they financially stable and good for the money.

During the process it feels like a bombardment that you just want to be over. But try and make sure that you take some time to ensure things aren't too good to be true.


Going through the M&A process is a unique experience that you need to be prepared for.

And you can start preparing today, even if you don't plan to sell for years.

I've created a whole module in my upcoming SCALE course on the process and how to navigate it.

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