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Welcome to my blog/mid-life crisis...

Hi, I'm Chris Mole, Founder of FounderON.

I've always had the entrepreneurial bug, ever since I can remember. My ambition as a youngster was to start a business and sell it. I had no view of what the business should be. My passion was all about operating a business rather than the product of the company itself.

Upon leaving school I started an online PC business aimed at students. (apologies if this domain now forwards to something less desirable) gave me an amazing insight into how a business actually works, and with enough enthusiasm and naivety, you can make things happen quickly.


I've tried to keep this enthusiasm and naivety alive throughout my career, not worrying about how things have been done in the past, but actually how they could be done better and faster. But after a long stretch as an employee, I was desperate to start my next business to allow me full control of my destiny.

In May 2017 Molzi was born. An agency set-up to help brands improve their sales on Amazon. The business took off instantly (literally signed client 1 on day 1 of trading) and never looked back. We were so lucky with our timing, to get big enough to be able to really ride the wave of ecommerce growth when the dreaded COVID-19 hit. Four years after starting the business, we had a team of 80, based across offices in UK, Spain, Hong Kong and Brazil. It was clear to me that my skillset is the starting and scaling of a business, more than the managing it. So when we had various approaches to be acquired, I took it. My baby was now in someone else's hands, and I had achieved my childhood dream of starting a business and selling it.

BUT, as you'll see from this blog, achieving your childhood ambition isn't necessarily as good as you think it'll be. Now financially free for life, but without the business I loved running. I could always start another, but will it be the same without the pressure of needing to make it work. Join me on this journey of me trying to figure out what next and why.

P.S I understand this is a very privaledged problem to have...

Thanks for reading :-) 

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